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"Starring a collection of blue pixels capable of infinitely more facial
expressions than Keanu Reeves."

Rock paper shotgun

What is Concerned Joe?

A puzzle platformer about Joe, a video game character who is concerned about his life. If he stops moving he will explode, so he has be in constant motion - ALL - the time!

That's because of a disease called "I have to move or I'll die", I.H.T.M.O.I.D. for short, inflicted upon him by the creator of the game, the evil, mysterious and sarcastic programmer.

His identity remains unknown but one thing is for sure...He is a d*#k! He created a virtual underground facility in his video game just so he could fill it with cruel puzzles awaiting to be solved by Joe. All this while fiddling around with the code, changing the environment around Joe in real time as he tries not to internally combust.

Will Joe escape the programmer's evil clutches or will he be forever trapped in this video game?

Find out the answer to this cheesy question and many more once the game is released!

Coming sometime in 2014 to a distribution platform near you!

Where can I play it?

You can get your hands on the alpha version of the game right now through the Early Access pass. This gives you instant access to the game as it's developed.

You also get constant updates and the final game on Steam once it's released, you get to be part of the development process, how cool is that!

We document all our work on our Devblog, we make weekly posts about the problems we encounter and how we fix them. Check it out if you are interested in how a game is made.

The game works on PC, Mac, and Linux, check out the Early Access page for more information!

"Best surprise of the 2013 Game Developers Conference."
Venture Beat

What does it feature?
  • Unintuitive puzzles that will make you shout at your monitor.

  • Dynamic narration by Johnny Utah throughout the whole experience playing the malefic programmer and creator of Joe. If you try to break the game, he'll know, and he'll call you out on it!

  • Short & funny story campaign that presents the game mechanics and politely ends without unnecessary fillers. No cinematics, no achievements, pure gameplay!

  • User friendly level editor that allows you to quickly create levels with your own voice lines and graphics. Full modding support including tutorials and documentation!

  • Humor darker than #000000.

  • Experimental game modes including some multiplayer ones. More reasons to rage with your friends, remember Mario Party and Uther Party from War3? We got that!

  • A story that will make you question the meaning of life!

"That's very sweet dear."
Developer's Mom

Why am I asking so many questions?

We don't know... But we can tell you that the game is going to come out sometime in 2014.
Until then, check out the Early Access page and the Devblog to see what happens behind the scenes!
Also, come say hi on the Forums.

And don't forget to be awesome!

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